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Lisa Nolan's Passionate Progressive Podcast

Lisa Nolan of Indivisible Resisters

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Jun 21, 2017

VIP Healthcare Headlines You Might Have Missed! #31 (Hosted by Lisa Nolan.) What Worked For Obamacare And What Didn't? Lessons From 5 States. 10 ways the GOP sabotaged Obamacare: Trump and Congressional Republicans say the ACA is collapsing under its own weight, but they've been dragging it down for years. Health insurers plan big Obamacare rate hikes—and they blame Trump. California and 14 other states take legal action to preserve Obamacare cost-sharing. How Alaska fixed Obamacare. The Senate Can’t Pass Health Care Without This Man: Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy. Trump privately criticizes Republican health care plan he celebrated. Republicans lack public support for new health care scheme. The big media lie about single-payer health care. The Health Care Debate Is Moving Left: How single-payer went from a pipe dream to mainstream. Senate Republicans inch closer to far-right health care overhaul. 8 Journalists and Organizations Tracking Obamacare Repeal and Replace Efforts. Got a Democratic Senator? Here’s how they can ACTUALLY PLAY HARDBALL on TrumpCare. Yes, they have tools to use. Yes, they can win.

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