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Lisa Nolan's Passionate Progressive Podcast

Lisa Nolan of Indivisible Resisters

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Jun 16, 2017

Climate Change Headlines You May Have Missed!#29 (Hosted by Lisa Nolan.) How G.O.P. Leaders Came to View Climate Change as Fake Science. Climate Action Never Depended on Trump: There are so many ways we can slow and stop the burning of fossil fuels in the United States. But we need to get to work. Russia and the U.S. Could Be Partners in Climate Change Inaction: The only big emitter to not ratify the Paris climate agreement, Russia may find it easier to slough off climate action with the U.S. matching its oil-focused view. This H.L. Mencken Quote Perfectly Describes Libertarians Skeptical of Climate Change. Which WV leaders praise withdrawal from climate deal. California, China sign climate deal after Trump's Paris exit. Signs of Climate Hope from Congress. Wait, What?: As Trump pulls out of Paris—and the world sighs in disgust—a bipartisan House caucus may be our last, best hope for taking the politics out of climate policy. 9.8 million people employed by renewable energy, according to new report. How to Raise an Environmentalist: Encouraging children to form an emotional attachment to nature may be key to protecting our planet’s future.

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