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Fed Up But Hopeful With Lisa Nolan

Lisa Nolan of Indivisible Resisters

  • Are you a Bernie Bro who is tired of the Bernie bashers?
  • Did you vote for "Her" and are tired of the Hillary haters? 
  • Are you sick of hearing about Trump's tweets, tirades, and diversions?
  • Do you get turned off by f-bombs?
  • Are you fed up but, somehow, you remain hopeful?

Then Fed Up But Hopeful With Lisa Nolan is the Podcast for you! (And it's G-rated--no swearing--so it is safe to listen to with kids around.)

Facts about Lisa Nolan: Raised by a single mom in 1970s San Francisco and currently lives in Northern California; registered as an Independent (since the age of 18); mid-life badass; BA and MA in English Literature and Creative Writing; 0 to 9 Montessori educator; mom to a child with Down syndrome; retired editor and publisher; loves wine but drinks tea; political junkie who is addicted to talk radio; and a puppy wimp and gardening freak.

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Dec 21, 2017

Fire your bank, cable, and smart phone providers in 2018: I'm going to tell you how and why! #55 (Hosted by Lisa Nolan.) Are you as angry as I am over the tax cuts, banks getting 14% more money, the death of Net Neutrality--and as a result, banks, cable companies and smart phone providers will stick it to us even more?...

Dec 13, 2017

Me being a smartass and celebrating the LOSS of perv, Roy Moore (and the stunning victory of Doug Jones)! MAGA: Make Alabama Great Again. #54. (Hosted by Lisa Nolan.) It was hard to stop dancing long enough to do this episde, LMFAO! Lastly, become a member, it's free!

Dec 4, 2017

The Bail Bonds Industry vs. The California ACLU, Governor Jerry Brown, and The Libertarian Party of California #53 (Hosted by Lisa Nolan.) Who gets rich off bail bonds? The global insurance companies underwriting them are reaping in billions (thanks to their lobbyists including ALEC) off the backs of the poor, working...

Nov 17, 2017

Part 2 My Me Too Story, My Almost Me Too Stories, and My Them Too Stories #51 (Hosted by Lisa Nolan.)

Nov 17, 2017

My Me Too Story, My Almost Me Too Stories, and My Them Too Stories #50 (Hosted by Lisa Nolan.) On this episode, I get very personal: my goal is to empower girls and other women by sharing stories from my childhood, my college years, my years as a preschool teacher, and my years as a mom to a child with special needs....